63 Quotes About Finance

Quotes About Finance

1. It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. – Henry Ford

2. Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones. – Benjamin Franklin

3. It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money. – Albert Camus

4. Part of your heritage in this society is the opportunity to become financially independent. – Jim Rohn

5. Don’t gamble take all your savings and buy some good stock and hold it till it goes up, then sell it. If it don’t go up, don’t buy it. – Will Rogers

6. Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants. – Epictetus

7. A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life. – Suze Orman

8. I am favor of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it’s possible. – Milton Friedman

9. Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game. – Donald Trump

10. Inflation is taxation without legislation. – Milton Friedman

11. Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it’s just the opposite. – John Kenneth Galbraith

12. I do not regard a broker as a member of the human race. – Honore de Balzac

13. Our incomes are like our shoes if too small, they gall and pinch us but if too large, they cause us to stumble and to trip. – John Locke

14. As sure as the spring will follow the winter, prosperity and economic growth will follow recession. – Bo Bennett

15. The poor don’t know that their function in life is to exercise our generosity. – Jean-Paul Sartre

16. Owning a home is a keystone of wealth – both financial affluence and emotional security. – Suze Orman

17. Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community. – Andrew Carnegie

18. The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets. – John D. Rockefeller

19. The propensity to truck, barter and exchange one thing for another is common to all men, and to be found in no other race of animals. – Adam Smith

20. Wealth, in even the most improbable cases, manages to convey the aspect of intelligence. – John Kenneth Galbraith

21. Any informed borrower is simply less vulnerable to fraud and abuse. – Alan Greenspan

22. In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. – Alan Greenspan

23. It’s not the having, it’s the getting. – Charles Spurgeon

24. One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute. – William Feather

25. Wealth is not without its advantages and the case to the contrary, although it has often been made, has never proved widely persuasive. – John Kenneth Galbraith

26. Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in. – John D. Rockefeller

27. Money is to my social existence what health is to my body. – Mason Cooley

28. All money is a matter of belief. – Adam Smith

29. A moderate addiction to money may not always be hurtful but when taken in excess it is nearly always bad for the health. – Clarence Day

30. Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells. – J. Paul Getty

31. We at Chrysler borrow money the old-fashioned way. We pay it back. – Lee Iacocca

32. Many people are in the dark when it comes to money, and I’m going to turn on the lights. – Suze Orman

33. The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket. – Andrew Carnegie

34. For the merchant, even honesty is a financial speculation. – Charles Baudelaire

35. We had a booming stock market in 1929 and then went into the world’s greatest depression. We have a booming stock market in 1999. Will the bubble somehow burst, and then we enter depression? Well, some things are not different. – Jeffrey Sachs

36. Security depends not so much upon how much you have, as upon how much you can do without. – Joseph Wood Krutch

37. Today, if you look at financial systems around the globe, more than half the population of the world – out of six billion people, more than three billion – do not qualify to take out a loan from a bank. This is a shame. – Muhammad Yunus

38. We cannot both preach and administer financial matters. – Saint Stephen

39. The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that still carries any reward. – John Maynard Keynes

40. Starting out to make money is the greatest mistake in life. Do what you feel you have a flair for doing, and if you are good enough at it, the money will come. – Greer Garson

41. I finally know what distinguishes man from the other beasts: financial worries. – Jules Renard

42. The number-one job of the hedge-fund manager is not to make sure that you can retire with a smile on your face – it’s for him to retire with a smile on his face. – Mark Cuban

43. I don’t think about financial success as the measurement of my success. – Christie Hefner

44. The problem of how we finance the welfare state should not obscure a separate issue: if each person thinks he has an inalienable right to welfare, no matter what happens to the world, that’s not equity, it’s just creating a society where you can’t ask anything of people. – Jacques Delors

45. I made my money by selling too soon. – Bernard Baruch

46. Poverty is unnecessary. – Muhammad Yunus

47. It is incumbent upon each of us to improve spending and savings practices to ensure our own individual financial security and preserve the collective economic well-being of our great society. – Ron Lewis

48. I’m involved in the stock market, which is fun and, sometimes, very painful. – Regis Philbin

49. The only way for a rich man to be healthy is by exercise and abstinence, to live as if he were poor. – William Temple

50. We’ve taken the view that if the rest of the world would democratize and create market economies, that would spread the benefits of prosperity around the world, and that it would enhance our own prosperity, and our own stability and security, as well. – Jeffrey Sachs

51. The only way that we can reduce our financial dependence on the inflow of funds from the rest of the world is to reduce our trade deficit. – Martin Feldstein

52. Thirty to 40 years ago, most financial decisions were fairly simple. – Scott Cook

53. Gold and silver, like other commodities, have an intrinsic value, which is not arbitrary, but is dependent on their scarcity, the quantity of labour bestowed in procuring them, and the value of the capital employed in the mines which produce them. – David Ricardo

54. There can be no rise in the value of labour without a fall of profits. – David Ricardo

55. Infinite growth of material consumption in a finite world is an impossibility. – E. F. Schumacher

56. Capital is that part of wealth which is devoted to obtaining further wealth. – Alfred Marshall

57. The price of every thing rises and falls from time to time and place to place and with every such change the purchasing power of money changes so far as that thing goes. – Alfred Marshall

58. The economy is a very sensitive organism. – Hjalmar Schacht

59. Money is the best rule of commerce. – William Petty

60. Thirteen thousand dollars a year is not enough to raise a family. That’s not enough to pay your bills and save for their future. That’s barely enough to provide for even the most basic needs. – Thomas Carper

61. To beat the market you’ll have to invest serious bucks to dig up information no one else has yet. – Merton Miller

62. You only need to make one big score in finance to be a hero forever. – Merton Miller

63. The rate of interest acts as a link between income-value and capital-value. – Irving Fisher

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